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KMH Associates, Inc. 
has, over the last ten+ years, contracted several successful manufacturers representative companies to exploit their relationships with the largest customers in the United States. Among these accounts are Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Sears Holdings, Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Costco, and many more. These territorial relationships are tailored to fit the requirements of our clients with respect to channel focus as well as client capabilities and customer compatibility. Our reps cover virtually all the channels you need: Office; Warehouse; all tiers of Retail; Catalogue; Game; Wireless; Department Store; Buying Groups;  12 Volt; and select White Goods. We have identified over 60,000 selling locations in the U.S.!

We evaluate our client's ability to service specific potential accounts utilizing an experienced eye on service level expectations of the customer/channel. Client limitations with respect to finance, advertising, credit and logistical support are explored and a detail report of achievable goals is submitted and reviewed. 

We manage the sales force that you have approved, at some of the most competitive cost of sales in the industry. We take extra care to preserve our client's DIRECT communications and input to the entire sales force. This solution allow our clients to take advantage of the shortest time-to-market available. We help you avoid the rep selection quagmire, which can normally take up to six months to implement and an additional six months to fine tune. 


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