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Company Profile

KMH Associates, Inc. is a senior Master Manufacturers Representative Company with both regional and national sales programs in several channels. 
KMH Associates, Inc. is a senior consulting resource for American, Asian, Australian and European companies desirous of quickly and efficiently entering the U.S. marketplace or specific channels and establishing profitability as soon as possible. 

We want to be the resource of choice for companies who really desire to determine if their company needs a refresh of their "form, fit, function and/or execution strategy and/or tactics" to succeed in our super competitive U.S. marketplace. KMH will not only offer primary and alternative views, strategies and tactical information, we will also offer implementation assistance. Our resources include third part logistics; public relations and advertising companies; industrial design and electronic design companies; technical support and warranty support resources, including available "800" numbers and field repair and installation resources.

As a Master Representative, KMH Associates, Inc. has a complete network of sales reps located in every major US market calling on every significant customer in the country.

We believe that sustained sales to any customer-set is based on successful service practices as much as they are based on superior product. Whether itís the timely answering of technical questions or training floor personnel or advocating the customerís position with management, it is all an integral part of the customer service side of what we advocate. It will increase productivity, sales and marketing efficiencies and effectiveness - and it will keep your customers YOUR CUSTOMERS.

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